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The 51-year-old plays Robert, a former police protection officer trying to start a new life in gloomy Cumbria with his wife Katy, played by Marsha Thomason.Loathe to give too much away to those who have not caught up yet, the actor explains the plot revolves around “a fall from grace” and inevitably, the past quickly catches Robert up.One of the big factors is shame and I could never tell my parents because I grew up in a macho culture.” Eccleston offered words of advice for those who are being bullied and encouraged them to not worry about 'snitching' but to instead point out bullying to teachers in order to prevent bullies from targetting someone else.have been back to Cumbria to film their final Lake District scenes for the forthcoming second series.“I used to come here as a child with my mum and dad so this is a familiar part of the world for me,” said Christopher.He also paid tribute to the production’s “hero village” of Broughton-in-Furness which was among the Cumbrian settings chosen.He revealed the cast and crew have been welcomed back by locals for the second series.

Yesterday about 70 actors and crew were back at Keswick to film scenes that will feature in the six-part series due back on BBC One this autumn.

(January 1990-October 1990; December 1990-January 1991) He acted in the Royal National Theatre Season at the Laurence Olivier Theatre, Cottesloe Theatre, and Lyttelton Theatre in London, England in Henrik Ibsen's play, "Peer Gynt;" Tony Harrison's play,"The Trackers of Oxyrhynchus;" Bertolt Brecht's play, "The Good Person of ...

He was going to reprise his role as The Ninth Doctor in the 50th Anniversary Special Doktors Kas: The Day of the Doctor (2013).

Eccleston first came to public attention as Derek Bentley in the film Let Him Have It (1991) and an episode of Inspector Morse, "Second Time Around" (1991).

In 1992, he played the role of Sean Maddox in the BBC drama miniseries Friday on my Mind.

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