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The highlights for me were Maria’s emotional and lyrical “Body and Soul”, “Mission to Moscow” which really cooked but still swung at that fast tempo and when Nick dedicated “In the Mood” to the veteran of Normandy who was celebrating his 100th birthday.Real class on the band’s part and the standing ovation for the gentleman was tear jerking.Trough xylophones were depicted in Java in the 14th century but are not restricted to Southeast Asia; those of Japan, for instance, are rhythm rather than melody instruments, and in Myanmar (Burma) they are associated with royalty.Xylophones of the Indonesian ; there, single sculpted musical stones and also 16-stone chimes are suspended from ornate frames.

In China they play a prominent part in the theatre.Also, I was really glad my 12 year old daughter was with me and that she enjoyed the band so much.Thanks so much for another great musical experience! I also really loved listening to some of your music.There will be short excerpts from other famous spy and detective series including music from The Pink Panther, Austin Powers, Hawaii Five-O and more to take you into the world of espionage! She has performed in more than 10 countries, with standing ovations.Click Here For Theatre Conditions of Entry十年, 举办超过百场, 走遍全球华人地区. She will be here to 'wow' the audience with her voice and renditions of the late Great Teresa Teng, and bring back wonderful memories of years gone by.

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