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My ex-boyfriend was my best friend, but he wasn't my husband. I have my dream job, one that has allowed me to travel to 12 countries in the past nine months, telling stories all over the globe.It's such a dream that some days I don't even think it's real.Tell Me More VS009: Vintage Ray-Ban 58mm aviator sunglasses are the iconic Bausch & Lomb aviators that have been a top choice of both the general public and celebrities for over 60 years, featuring gold plated frame and original Bausch & Lomb G-15 anti-glare lenses perfect for all light conditions. Tell Me More VS017: Vintage Ray-Ban Marcellina women's cat eye sunglasses c 1950s - early 1960s combine the lovely and shimmering pearl frame with vintage green Bausch & Lomb lenses for a great, cat-like effect guaranteed to make you purr!

I knew it would give them something to talk about the next time they met up for drinks without me. I've been the managing editor of Yahoo Travel since April, which is about how long I've been single. I love it so much that when I finally do it I want it to last forever.The cheetah is characterised by a slender body, deep chest, spotted coat, a small rounded head, black tear-like streaks on the face, long thin legs and a long spotted tail.Its lightly built, slender form is in sharp contrast with the robust build of the big cats, making it more similar to the cougar.Earlier this year I published an amazing nonfiction book about nuns called , and in May I have a new novel coming out. And yet, my friends are very concerned I will end up a spinster, and that has left a large black mark on my otherwise remarkable existence. If anyone taught me that, it was the 10 nuns I interviewed over the past three years.Each of them is ostensibly single (technically married to Jesus, but he isn't around all that much). They fight for causes that actually change our world.

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