Webcam 100 ao vivo

Apenas os membros premium podem visualizar as câmaras Web de outros utilizadores.Para tornar-te um membro premium (OURO) vitalício e para desbloquear a referida funcionalidade, tudo o que precisas fazer é comprar uma quantidade qualquer de tokens uma vez! While the School of Mathematics and Physics at The University of Queensland has an international reputation for cutting-edge research and innovative teaching in the disciplines of Mathematics, Physics and Statistics, it is also home to the famous Pitch Drop Experiment.The experiment is listed in the Guinness Book of World Records as the world's longest-running laboratory experiment.

The experiment demonstrates the fluidity and high viscosity of pitch, a derivative of tar once used for waterproofing boats.At room temperature pitch feels solid - even brittle - and can easily be shattered with a blow from a hammer.It's quite amazing then, to see that pitch at room temperature is actually fluid!Eres muy buen anfitrión, por eso siempre tienes visita en tu casa. Saldrás de fiesta hoy, sólo trata de controlarte y no tomar tanto alcohol. We let you see live webcam views of the some of the world's favourite places.

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